Dealing with the storms in life

Four jam-packed curriculum lessons for ages 6-12, teaching kids how to find God’s peace in the storms of life.

  • Highly engaging teaching method
  • Screen graphics for all lesson modules
  • Editable leader guides for your team


Series of 4 lessons
($30 per lesson)


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    • Fully Editable Leader Guide
    • Beautiful Screen Graphics
    • Series Opening Video
    • Interactive Bible Stories
Created for:

    • Church Children’s Services
    • Weekend or Camp Teaching Time
    • Bible Lessons at School
Curriculum Details:

    • 4 lessons which include:
    • Games, teaching and smallgroup-time
    • Ages 6-12

Help your kids through hard times

Many kids think that life will be smooth sailing if you follow God. But then, when hard times strike, they give up their faith.
But what if you prepare kids for the storms of life? For suffering and opposition? What if your kids could be as calm as Jesus in the storm?

Kids will join a major (pretend) sea battle!


Curriculum Details

This series has a mind-blowing new format, especially designed to keep kids engaged for every minute of the program. Throughout the program, kids will team up and play “sea-battles” against each other, while learning how to deal with the rocky storms in life!
Each week raises the stakes by teaching kids how to defeat the “pirates” that steal our joy, and by introducing twists and turns to the ongoing game.

Lesson 1

How to defeat worry

The story of Paul’s shipwreck will show kids how to trust in God when it seems like your life is sinking. Worrying enlarges any problem, so it’s about time kids learned the Biblical antidote to worry!

Lesson 2

How to defeat fear

Peter could walk on water when Jesus invited him to. But fear made him sink. Kids will learn how unhealthy fear can take our eyes off Jesus, and keep us from serving him. They’ll learn the Biblical antidote to fear.

Lesson 3

How to defeat stress

There’s no magical pill against stress, but God gave us his way to calm the storm in our heart, no matter how hard the storm rages around us. Kids draw lessons from the panic of the Israelites, as Pharaoh chased them into the red sea.

Lesson 4

How to defeat bad thoughts

Controlling your thoughts is a discipline that isn’t easy to learn, but leads to peace in our lives. Kids will learn how to defeat the thoughts that aim to side-track us, while seeing how Jesus could calm a storm with one sentence!


Every lesson comes with stunning screen-graphics, supporting nearly all systems:

  • Professional graphics: Each lesson comes with well-designed on-screen graphics
  • Use any presentation software: Both The intro video files and screen graphics work with nearly every presentation software (simply drag the files into your ProPresenter, MediaShout, Keynote or Powerpoint)
  • Always organized: A lesson’s screen files come in one handy folder, all neatly numbered in the order of the lesson.
  • Never lose anything: Log in to our system at any time to re-download your purchased series!
  • No failing DVDs: DVDs get lost, scratched up and don’t work in every player. It’s time to leave them in the 90s where they belong.


This format changes everything!

This series is yet another break-through in the world of children’s ministry. Although it’s baffling how easy it can be set up, it carries many innovations:

  • Kids divide into teams and play a massive sea-battle against each other, all throughout the service.
  • All Bible stories are deeply interactive and involve the ocean (Decoration hint!). You get to teach the stories live, while surprising kids at every paragraph.
  • Each lesson raises the stakes by changing the rules of the ongoing game. Anything can happen at any time!

Lesson Leader Guides

These lessons not only help you teach highly practical messages, they also help you take kids on an interactive ride:

  • Almost all games involve all kids, no matter your church size.
  • Lessons are written to maximize impact, yet minimize preparation time.
  • It’s scalable from 8 to 3000 kids (It’s tested up to 3000).
  • Designed for one teacher or a team of teachers, and even kids can teach segments (let them!)
  • The lessons focus on life-change (Bible application), not just knowledge-transfer.