KidsWantAnswers curriculum comes with the following advantages:



Deeply impactful teaching

Kids already know how they “ought to be”. They’re ready to be it! But how? We can’t just say “apply this”. We have to show them how and help them practice it in exhilarating ways. Each lesson leads to a clear “to do” and “to be”.


The real kind of interactivity

“Interactivity” is a buzzword that’s overused but underdone. In this series, every segment is interactive, even the teaching. Both the wilder and the calmer segments invite kids to engage.


The fun goes on at home!

The church service is only the beginning! Keep kids and families engaged with fun challenges throughout the week. It’s all on the take-home flyer. Let’s make boring homework a thing of the past.


For all group sizes

So you lead both big and small campuses? No need to adjust the curriculum! These lessons are written to work with as few as 8 kids and as many as thousands.


All kids get to play. Every time.

Aren’t you tired of group-games in which only a few kids get to play? It makes kids say “I never get picked”. Let’s end that phenomenon! In this series, all games are written so all kids can play, every time, no matter how large the group is!


Even the games have meaning

Church takes an hour, maybe two. That’s all you’ve got. Let’s waste no time on segments that have no deeper meaning. With KidsWantAnswers curriculum, even the wildest games function as parables that make a point.


Hollywood-quality writing

Let’s declare war on cheesy videos! We pull in professional film writers, video-game writers and kid-novel writers. Together with pastors they write the highest quality videos, parables and teaching scripts. Kids deserve the highest quality.


Gain momentum each week

Ever done a series where kids lost interest halfway? Our writers create each episode like a movie-scene; raising the stakes in every next lesson. Now your teaching series gains momentum and leads up to a satisfying climax…the best “wine” for last!


Less prep-time, more care-time

Why spend all your time to stores to find objects? We don’t publish our lessons until the preparation is minimal, but the impact maximal. You’re doing this to serve kids, not to haul, build, and chase after stores.


Use all forms of media

Kids are all about multiple-input. Sound, images, video, even videogames (see later)… we’ll equip you with all of it, and make it easy to use. You can scale it up or scale down, depending on your needs.


Finally, you can use videogames

Videogames have been out for decades, why aren’t we using them yet? In the “David” series, you get to have kids involved in a high-quality video-game of David’s life.


Or use no media at all!

Yes, you can use all forms of high-quality media… but what if your projector breaks? Or your TV-screen defects? Simply continue with the non-media version. Now you can breathe easy.


Tell Bible stories without scrambling them

When kids hear Bible stories in isolation, they don’t understand how they all relate. We give you tools that touch on the context before you hit the content. Suddenly it all makes sense!


Use three ways to serve kids

With KidsWantAnswers curriculum, you serve kids in three ways (without adding extra work!). You get to serve them through your leaders, through the home and through the kids themselves. Watch this video (coming soon!) on how that works.


Teach themes kids love to hear about

Do kids really want to come to church if we say, “today we’re talking about [insert difficult word]?” Why do adults get interesting sermon-themes, but kids don’t? We’ll equip you with Biblical themes that kids come to church for.

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