David 1:

How To Be a Leader

Five jam-packed curriculum lessons for ages 6-12. Learn how to be a leader from David’s example.


Series of 5 lessons.
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Created for:

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Curriculum Details:

    • 5 lessons which includes
    • Games, teaching and group-time
    • Ages 6-12

What if God would look at your kids and say; “look, these are kids after my own heart”? Wouldn’t that be the dream of every parent and pastor?

God looked at David and said just that. (1 Sam 13:14) In fact, he evaluated most kings by asking: “Is he like my servant David?”

But what made David so special? And how do we become men and women after God’s own heart? How do we become wise and skillful leaders like David? (Ps 78:72).

Let’s take a mind-blowing journey through the first half of the book First Samuel, to answer these life-changing questions.

“Kids will be at the edge of their seats!”

Includes State-of-the-Art Videos!


Each of the five lessons come with a top notch animated story that follows David’s life. The script was written after thorough theological and historical research, including most recent archeological finds.

The music was custom scored to fit both a cinematic feel as well as a modern, grungy finish to bring the tension of that day home today.


What's Each Lesson About?

This first series of David will have kids’ jaws drop! Follow the amazing story of David’s early years. From shepherd-boy to defeating Goliath to serving at Saul’s court… the kids will see how David was a leader in all situations.

This series goes through 1 Sam chapter 20, when David’s time at the palace concludes. After this series, you can either go right into series 2, or run a series in-between and return strong with David 2.



Lesson 1: The #1 secret of a great leader

Start off right showing what made God so interested in the shepherd boy: David had his heart set on God. Kids will learn that it wasn’t David’s shepherding skills or slinging skills that made him amazing. It was his love for God, which is the first principle for any leader.


Lesson 2: What a great leader understands

As the story of David continues, kids see that David didn’t always understand where God was taking him. But he obeyed nonetheless. Obeying God without understanding it all, is a counter-cultural habit that made David stand out.


Lesson 3: What a great leader believes (includes salvation emphasis)

Everybody was afraid of Goliath, except David. Why? Because David believed that God would save him and his nation. His beliefs turned him into the only courageous leader that day.


Lesson 4: Why a great leader leads

The “why” is just as important as the “what”. David’s story takes a crazy turn, because Saul’s “why” is completely different from David’s “why”. Your kids will see the difference between the two and learn the ultimate reason to lead: for God’s glory.


Lesson 5: How a great leader stays great

End the series with a bang, showing how great leaders stay great. When David gets in more and more danger, he still allows his best friends to correct him and speak into his life. Accountability is what keeps great leaders great.


What Will This Do For Us?


This curriculum brings about 15 innovations to your Children’s Ministry or school.


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Lesson Leader Guides

These lessons not only help you teach highly practical messages, they also help you take kids on an interactive ride:

  • Almost all games involve all kids, no matter your church size.
  • Lessons are written to maximize impact, yet minimize preparation time.
  • It’s scalable from 8 to 3000 kids (It’s tested up to 3000).
  • Designed for one teacher or a team of teachers, and even kids can teach segments (let them!)
  • The lessons focus on life-change (Bible application), not just knowledge-transfer.

Go ahead, check out a sample lesson:

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Take-Homes for Kids

Have you noticed? Normal handouts don’t work anymore! Kids just throw them in the trash. So let’s step it up a notch! We’ve custom-designed handouts that kids actually want. This way the lesson goes on at home. These glistering handouts are full of fun activities, challenges, family involvement and even Biblical entertainment.

Yes, print as many as you need.

Editable Screen-Graphics

Every lesson comes with stunning screen-graphics, supporting nearly all systems:

  • Professional graphics: Each lesson comes with well-designed on-screen graphics, and even have comical extras
  • Use any presentation software: The image files work with nearly every presentation software (simply drag the image files into your ProPresenter, MediaShout, Keynote or Powerpoint app)
  • Fully editable: No need for fancy design software. If you need to edit the screens, you can do so in the PowerPoint/Keynote files that are included.
  • Always organized: A lesson’s image files come in one handy folder, all neatly numbered in the order of the lesson.
  • Never lose anything: Log in to our system at any time to re-download your purchased series!
  • No failing DVDs: DVDs get lost, scratched up and don’t work in every player. It’s time to leave them in the 90s where they belong.